The Good The Bad & The Ugly of Selfie’s

Do you even know what a selfie is? Don’t laugh because some don’t.
Everyone has seen selfies of glorified celebrities taking pictures of themselves, most likely in a compromised position, with their phone or camera in the mirror of the hotel. Who hasn’t seen the naked selfies …. Sorry Paris.

Most people aren’t this stupid and keep the selfie clean.

Did you know that the word selfie is a new word? Duh! It was only added to the dictionary in 2013. Why? Well, the word is so commonly used on a daily basis how it could not. Besides you need to call it something, other than stupid when a celebrity takes a naked picture of themselves in the bathroom and it ends up on the internet.

You may have noticed that the last post was about selfish people taking selfies with a dead or dying dolphin. Just the fact that someone would pull a baby dolphin out of the water and beach it to take a picture is terrible.

Selfies's 2Selfies are now just a part of life, documenting our every activity. Look I’m not saying that all selfies are bad, just use common sense and don’t hurt others. So if you are a Hollywood dentist you may want to refrain taking a selfie of yourself and the passed out movie start that is in your dental chair. Or, if you are a maid cleaning service you may want to refrain from trying on you clients clothes and taking selfies while working.
Stick to taking pictures/selfies on a fun and non-risky way. Don’t disrespect others or do things that will harm others.


Our Ash Tree & A Million Questions

Owl In City of Naperville
Don’t know where the picture came from

I recently had to try to explain why our tree died in our back yard to our three-year-old. You would think it would be simple and to the point but the conversion ended up more like a ping pong match of “but why’s” .  It’s amazing of the mental stamina that a toddler can have in within conversation when they are persistent in either not listening or just wanting their way.  When we did have the tree removed we had to discuss it with our toddler a week in advance, which perpetuated the non-stop questioning of why can’t we keep the tree.  The tree died because a storm broke off a significant portion of the tree a couple years ago, leaving damage and the inner bark exposed to insects and disease. Initially, we had a tree service evaluate the tree and they said it had to come down, but we waited in hopes that the tree would revive itself and thrive.   Well… that never happened and the tree was most likely died because of stress and other infestations.  Eventually, the city cited us with a warning that stated we needed to hire a tree removal company, by April 1st. , yea April fools day, no joke or the city was going to issue a $5oo dollar fine and we would still need to remove the tree.  The pressing issue with the tree is not that it was an ash tree.  Ash trees are prone to two individual dangers.  The first is the emerald ash borer that lay it eggs in the tree and the larvae eat the inner part of the tree and kill the tree. If the tree were to have larvae, and the tree still standing, the ash tree would be infested with the beetles and spread the infestation when the larvae turn into little green beetles.  The second issue is that ash trees become very unstable when there is no more life in them, and they can just fall at any given notice because, unlike oak trees, the ash wood is weak.

The day the tree service came our toddler was glued to the window pane watching the tree service cutting down the old friend into little pieces and forced into a wood chipper.  It may have been the beginning of an understanding for our toddler that not everything lives forever and sometimes life is not fair.

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Selfie Gone Too Far and Kills Dolphin


Ok, so who takes selfies?  Nearly everyone does now right?   How many times did you take a selfie, post it, then regret it?  Most have…..  Generally, self-pictures are fun, spontaneous, funny and even uplifting.  This is not always the case.  Unfortunately, there are some people that mistreat or even kill animals for the sake of having their picture taken.

Recently a women was charged for killing a dolphin in Argentina.  Reportedly she grabbed the baby dolphin out of the ocean and pulled it onto the sandy beach.  Per Viva SIlverster (World Wildlife Fund), this particular type of dolphin, is pending the list of extinction.

images (1)

Tourist and other beachgoers passed the dolphin around taking selfies with their iPhones completely unaware of the terror and suffering the dolphin was in.

Since dolphins are adapted to live in cold water they have a fat layer, under their skin that keeps them warm in cold water. If a dolphin is out of it’s environment for an extend time the dolphin will overheat and die.  This is what happened on this hot day at the beach.

After all the selfish people had exhausted their excitement of taking selfies.  The dead dolphins body was left in the sand.

“Reading this story made me both angry and cry” said Amie Christine, a personal friend.


Have we as a society gone too far with our selfishness?   This is what happens just with a common animal that we can see movies about.  What the hell would people do if aliens ever landed at the White House to announce they are giving us free energy? ……. Yes I do watch X-Files……Probably the same thing.

Please put others and animals first and think of the harm that could come of you doing anything to take a selfie.



Pictures of Storm Damage Via Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor

By owning an iPhone you may be saving yourself thousands and even making yourself extra money. As you know the iPhone offers impeccable image quality in its photographs. Although I’m sure you use your iPhone to take pictures of family events and fun times it’s not often that we have to consider other reasons why we need excellent quality images.

When it comes to finding the way to document storm damage the best way to do it is by using some sort of technology that is synced to a cloud.   backup for high-quality images is imperative. Insurance companies love the detail that iPhones have to offer. When documenting damage caused by a storm taking a picture with an iPhone gives you the ability to zoom in on the greatest of detail.

I really saw the power of quality images when a friend of mine at a local heating and air conditioning company showed me the difference between the quote that he was able to get the insurance company to take care of. He showed me some images from a project that he had quoted several months ago he told me that both projects were very similar in depth and in size. It’s only the only difference between the two was how he documented them. Specifically with a camera vs and iPhone. Later he told me there was much less resistance from the insurance adjuster due to the fact that it was very apparent that the details he was claiming were truly the loss of the customer. When it comes to choosing the right way to document damage always consider the value of having the best image producer on the market. The iPhone has quickly become a call icon throughout the world. What are the reasons it has is because of the superior technology that it has to offer. Make sure you save yourself big bucks and potentially make yourself big box by documenting all damage is done to your home or property by using your iPhone.

Why Every Podiatrist Should Invest In the iPhone

Why Every Podiatrist Should Invest In The iPhone

iPhone Picture Medical
Picture Credit

Podiatry, as a profession, has greatly benefitted from the advancements made in mobile technology say Dr. Praveen Vohra from www.  iPhones have become an important tool for the podiatrists who can use them in some varied ways. Given that this is a profession that requires them to maintain accurate details, the iPhone camera becomes a very handy tool. An iPhone camera is thus an ideal instrument for the podiatrists for the following reasons.

Easy Access

A podiatrist needs to be able to take quick pictures without having to toggle around the menu looking for the camera icon. An iPhone makes it easier to access the camera even from a locked screen. All the podiatrist has to do is swipe the screen up, and voila, the camera opens up.

Quick access means that he or she is in a better position to attend to many patients within a limited time frame. No time is wasted trying to figure out how the camera functions or where it can be found.

Presence of the Grid

Turning on the grid will allow each podiatrist to take well-composed pictures. It comprises of two horizontal and vertical lines dividing the screen into three parts.

It is an excellent tool that allows the doctor to apply the rule of thirds with ease. It helps keep the horizon straight when shooting the foot pictures.

Ability to Shoot Pictures in Shutter Mode

Every doctor needs to take more than one picture for comparison purposes. For a foot doctor, it becomes, even more, important to take many pictures, at different angles within a few seconds of having observed it. The burst mode makes this a possibility.

All a doctor has to do is hold the shutter button down when taking a picture. Doing this will automatically activate the burst mode. As a physician, you get to document all the signs present on the foot of your patient. You can also use it record their movements and take note of anything important.

Auto Set Focus and Exposure

Most camera phones tend to take very blurry pictures when the autofocus is not turned on. For podiatrists, blurred images will not be very helpful in helping them document their work. The iPhone helps eliminate this worry.

Its camera is programmed to autofocus once activated. You will therefore not need to worry about taking the wrong pictures, or images that are not clear enough.

As a podiatrist, the iPhone is a must have, not only as a communication gadget, but as a way to document your work, and back up all your files.

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How toTake Better Pictures for Selling on Ebay

I wanted to share the tips I found for taking better pictures for your eBay listing. They say one picture is worth a 1000 words……  People get hung up on putting a lot of information into the eBay listing but that is not always necessary.  Take good pictures to tell all.

  • Clean the item you are selling.  Make the item look good.  Don’t be lazy. Ahem that goes for me too.   At least, wipe the dust off the item before taking a picture.
  • Background for the Item.  Don’t take a picture of the item when there is a dirty or cluttered background.  You don’t want to give the impression that you item is dirty of smelly. Us a sheet or some type of solid color and place it behind the item.  Try to focus the attention of the picture on the item. If you can use a contrasting background. If the item is white then use a darker background.
  • Set the item on an eye level surface.  It will be a lot easier to take pictures if you item is on a table or countertop then trying to take pictures on the floor.
  • Natural sunlight.  It is always more difficult to take pictures when you don’t have enough light.  If there is not enough light then the camera aperture will be open longer, to gather more light, and your picture may come out blurry if you are holding the camera when taking the shot. Using a camera flash tends to cause shadows or wash out the picture with too much light.
  • Close Shots.  Adjust the camera to a close shot setting.  This will help with the detail of the item.  Try not to zoom in from a shot taken at a distance.
  • Perspective. I try to show perspective of the size and dimension of the item by placing a ruler in the picture. If you don’t have a ruler then use a second item that someone can easily reference the size.  Make sure the second item is stated not in this listing.
  • Different Angles.  Take pictures of the top, bottom and sides of the item.  This makes a difference.  If the item is a collectible than take detailed shots of the manufacturer identification on the bottom.  Ebay offers the first 12 photos in the listing for free so use them and take more pictures.
  • Photo Editing.  You could alway edit your photos with software if you really wanted to.   It really depends on what you are selling.  If you picked something up at a garage sale and try to turn it for a buck I may not what to spend my time putting a fancy border on the picture.
  • Use the best shot for the listing main picture.  The first picture is the first impression.

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A Trick to Selling on eBay

You can sell most anything on Ebay nowadays. In certain respects selling things on Ebay is somewhat of a cultureEbay. You may have never noticed this but have you ever been in a Goodwill store and noticed someone frantically going through and app on their phone with every item they touch.  That is because they are picking up items ad comparing prices on Ebay.  They are doing this not because the want a new toaster or another whatchamacallit.  They are looking on their phone app and wagering how much they can sell it for. Buyer beware, because it’s suspect that the people at eBay have wised up to this and tweaked the app to discourage this activity.  I have been told that the eBay price for the item you are looking at, on the app, may show higher than if you were looking on eBay on a computer.  If eBay were trying to keep prices down,  which is a good thing for us.. Right… then good on them.

If you do have something to sell on eBay they seemed to have simplified the process lately.  All you need to do is look for the item you’re selling and see if anyone else is selling it.  If they are you can click on the button, below the items picture, that says “have one to sell”. Have one to sellThen you tweak the information as you want it and its ready.   Of course, you can do a do an in-depth search for the items historical pricing and try to figure the best price but, for the most part, eBay has already figured that out for you.  EBay suggest a best-price for an auction-style listing and a fixed price listing.  They even suggest what the shipping will be.  My personal preference is that you find the box and packing material that you are going to ship the item in and then weigh it before you list the item.  You may want to even add a pound to the shipping to cover any weight variation.  I have accidently used the suggested cost and have had to pay for shipping out of my own pocket.

Ebay gives you a break on the shipping. They have seemed to cut a deal with USPS and the shipping costs.  For example,  if I were to sell and item and the shipping cost, paid by the person that won the item, were $15 the shipping by USPS through eBay would only be $10.  This means that you as a seller get to keep $5 of the shipping cost.  I know sounds good right…  Just remember to enter the correct weight when listing the eBay item.

So you may think you will be rolling in money by now. Wait.  When all is said and done the combine fees from eBay and PayPaly will set you back about 20%.  This is something to keep in mind if you are shopping at a resale shop and think you will be making money off the item you just purchased.  I intended to post about taking better photos for eBay on this post but I think that will happen on the next one.  Until then.

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