A Trick to Selling on eBay

You can sell most anything on Ebay nowadays. In certain respects selling things on Ebay is somewhat of a cultureEbay. You may have never noticed this but have you ever been in a Goodwill store and noticed someone frantically going through and app on their phone with every item they touch.  That is because they are picking up items ad comparing prices on Ebay.  They are doing this not because the want a new toaster or another whatchamacallit.  They are looking on their phone app and wagering how much they can sell it for. Buyer beware, because it’s suspect that the people at eBay have wised up to this and tweaked the app to discourage this activity.  I have been told that the eBay price for the item you are looking at, on the app, may show higher than if you were looking on eBay on a computer.  If eBay were trying to keep prices down,  which is a good thing for us.. Right… then good on them.

If you do have something to sell on eBay they seemed to have simplified the process lately.  All you need to do is look for the item you’re selling and see if anyone else is selling it.  If they are you can click on the button, below the items picture, that says “have one to sell”. Have one to sellThen you tweak the information as you want it and its ready.   Of course, you can do a do an in-depth search for the items historical pricing and try to figure the best price but, for the most part, eBay has already figured that out for you.  EBay suggest a best-price for an auction-style listing and a fixed price listing.  They even suggest what the shipping will be.  My personal preference is that you find the box and packing material that you are going to ship the item in and then weigh it before you list the item.  You may want to even add a pound to the shipping to cover any weight variation.  I have accidently used the suggested cost and have had to pay for shipping out of my own pocket.

Ebay gives you a break on the shipping. They have seemed to cut a deal with USPS and the shipping costs.  For example,  if I were to sell and item and the shipping cost, paid by the person that won the item, were $15 the shipping by USPS through eBay would only be $10.  This means that you as a seller get to keep $5 of the shipping cost.  I know sounds good right…  Just remember to enter the correct weight when listing the eBay item.

So you may think you will be rolling in money by now. Wait.  When all is said and done the combine fees from eBay and PayPaly will set you back about 20%.  This is something to keep in mind if you are shopping at a resale shop and think you will be making money off the item you just purchased.  I intended to post about taking better photos for eBay on this post but I think that will happen on the next one.  Until then.

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