How toTake Better Pictures for Selling on Ebay

I wanted to share the tips I found for taking better pictures for your eBay listing. They say one picture is worth a 1000 words……  People get hung up on putting a lot of information into the eBay listing but that is not always necessary.  Take good pictures to tell all.

  • Clean the item you are selling.  Make the item look good.  Don’t be lazy. Ahem that goes for me too.   At least, wipe the dust off the item before taking a picture.
  • Background for the Item.  Don’t take a picture of the item when there is a dirty or cluttered background.  You don’t want to give the impression that you item is dirty of smelly. Us a sheet or some type of solid color and place it behind the item.  Try to focus the attention of the picture on the item. If you can use a contrasting background. If the item is white then use a darker background.
  • Set the item on an eye level surface.  It will be a lot easier to take pictures if you item is on a table or countertop then trying to take pictures on the floor.
  • Natural sunlight.  It is always more difficult to take pictures when you don’t have enough light.  If there is not enough light then the camera aperture will be open longer, to gather more light, and your picture may come out blurry if you are holding the camera when taking the shot. Using a camera flash tends to cause shadows or wash out the picture with too much light.
  • Close Shots.  Adjust the camera to a close shot setting.  This will help with the detail of the item.  Try not to zoom in from a shot taken at a distance.
  • Perspective. I try to show perspective of the size and dimension of the item by placing a ruler in the picture. If you don’t have a ruler then use a second item that someone can easily reference the size.  Make sure the second item is stated not in this listing.
  • Different Angles.  Take pictures of the top, bottom and sides of the item.  This makes a difference.  If the item is a collectible than take detailed shots of the manufacturer identification on the bottom.  Ebay offers the first 12 photos in the listing for free so use them and take more pictures.
  • Photo Editing.  You could alway edit your photos with software if you really wanted to.   It really depends on what you are selling.  If you picked something up at a garage sale and try to turn it for a buck I may not what to spend my time putting a fancy border on the picture.
  • Use the best shot for the listing main picture.  The first picture is the first impression.

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