Selfie Gone Too Far and Kills Dolphin


Ok, so who takes selfies?  Nearly everyone does now right?   How many times did you take a selfie, post it, then regret it?  Most have…..  Generally, self-pictures are fun, spontaneous, funny and even uplifting.  This is not always the case.  Unfortunately, there are some people that mistreat or even kill animals for the sake of having their picture taken.

Recently a women was charged for killing a dolphin in Argentina.  Reportedly she grabbed the baby dolphin out of the ocean and pulled it onto the sandy beach.  Per Viva SIlverster (World Wildlife Fund), this particular type of dolphin, is pending the list of extinction.

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Tourist and other beachgoers passed the dolphin around taking selfies with their iPhones completely unaware of the terror and suffering the dolphin was in.

Since dolphins are adapted to live in cold water they have a fat layer, under their skin that keeps them warm in cold water. If a dolphin is out of it’s environment for an extend time the dolphin will overheat and die.  This is what happened on this hot day at the beach.

After all the selfish people had exhausted their excitement of taking selfies.  The dead dolphins body was left in the sand.

“Reading this story made me both angry and cry” said Amie Christine, a personal friend.


Have we as a society gone too far with our selfishness?   This is what happens just with a common animal that we can see movies about.  What the hell would people do if aliens ever landed at the White House to announce they are giving us free energy? ……. Yes I do watch X-Files……Probably the same thing.

Please put others and animals first and think of the harm that could come of you doing anything to take a selfie.



Pictures of Storm Damage Via Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor

By owning an iPhone you may be saving yourself thousands and even making yourself extra money. As you know the iPhone offers impeccable image quality in its photographs. Although I’m sure you use your iPhone to take pictures of family events and fun times it’s not often that we have to consider other reasons why we need excellent quality images.

When it comes to finding the way to document storm damage the best way to do it is by using some sort of technology that is synced to a cloud.   backup for high-quality images is imperative. Insurance companies love the detail that iPhones have to offer. When documenting damage caused by a storm taking a picture with an iPhone gives you the ability to zoom in on the greatest of detail.

I really saw the power of quality images when a friend of mine at a local heating and air conditioning company showed me the difference between the quote that he was able to get the insurance company to take care of. He showed me some images from a project that he had quoted several months ago he told me that both projects were very similar in depth and in size. It’s only the only difference between the two was how he documented them. Specifically with a camera vs and iPhone. Later he told me there was much less resistance from the insurance adjuster due to the fact that it was very apparent that the details he was claiming were truly the loss of the customer. When it comes to choosing the right way to document damage always consider the value of having the best image producer on the market. The iPhone has quickly become a call icon throughout the world. What are the reasons it has is because of the superior technology that it has to offer. Make sure you save yourself big bucks and potentially make yourself big box by documenting all damage is done to your home or property by using your iPhone.