Selfie Gone Too Far and Kills Dolphin


Ok, so who takes selfies?  Nearly everyone does now right?   How many times did you take a selfie, post it, then regret it?  Most have…..  Generally, self-pictures are fun, spontaneous, funny and even uplifting.  This is not always the case.  Unfortunately, there are some people that mistreat or even kill animals for the sake of having their picture taken.

Recently a women was charged for killing a dolphin in Argentina.  Reportedly she grabbed the baby dolphin out of the ocean and pulled it onto the sandy beach.  Per Viva SIlverster (World Wildlife Fund), this particular type of dolphin, is pending the list of extinction.

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Tourist and other beachgoers passed the dolphin around taking selfies with their iPhones completely unaware of the terror and suffering the dolphin was in.

Since dolphins are adapted to live in cold water they have a fat layer, under their skin that keeps them warm in cold water. If a dolphin is out of it’s environment for an extend time the dolphin will overheat and die.  This is what happened on this hot day at the beach.

After all the selfish people had exhausted their excitement of taking selfies.  The dead dolphins body was left in the sand.

“Reading this story made me both angry and cry” said Amie Christine, a personal friend.


Have we as a society gone too far with our selfishness?   This is what happens just with a common animal that we can see movies about.  What the hell would people do if aliens ever landed at the White House to announce they are giving us free energy? ……. Yes I do watch X-Files……Probably the same thing.

Please put others and animals first and think of the harm that could come of you doing anything to take a selfie.