The Good The Bad & The Ugly of Selfie’s

Do you even know what a selfie is? Don’t laugh because some don’t.
Everyone has seen selfies of glorified celebrities taking pictures of themselves, most likely in a compromised position, with their phone or camera in the mirror of the hotel. Who hasn’t seen the naked selfies …. Sorry Paris.

Most people aren’t this stupid and keep the selfie clean.

Did you know that the word selfie is a new word? Duh! It was only added to the dictionary in 2013. Why? Well, the word is so commonly used on a daily basis how it could not. Besides you need to call it something, other than stupid when a celebrity takes a naked picture of themselves in the bathroom and it ends up on the internet.

You may have noticed that the last post was about selfish people taking selfies with a dead or dying dolphin. Just the fact that someone would pull a baby dolphin out of the water and beach it to take a picture is terrible.

Selfies's 2Selfies are now just a part of life, documenting our every activity. Look I’m not saying that all selfies are bad, just use common sense and don’t hurt others. So if you are a Hollywood dentist you may want to refrain taking a selfie of yourself and the passed out movie start that is in your dental chair. Or, if you are a maid cleaning service you may want to refrain from trying on you clients clothes and taking selfies while working.
Stick to taking pictures/selfies on a fun and non-risky way. Don’t disrespect others or do things that will harm others.