Why Every Podiatrist Should Invest In the iPhone

Why Every Podiatrist Should Invest In The iPhone

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Podiatry, as a profession, has greatly benefitted from the advancements made in mobile technology say Dr. Praveen Vohra from www. http://www.sorefeetusa.com.  iPhones have become an important tool for the podiatrists who can use them in some varied ways. Given that this is a profession that requires them to maintain accurate details, the iPhone camera becomes a very handy tool. An iPhone camera is thus an ideal instrument for the podiatrists for the following reasons.

Easy Access

A podiatrist needs to be able to take quick pictures without having to toggle around the menu looking for the camera icon. An iPhone makes it easier to access the camera even from a locked screen. All the podiatrist has to do is swipe the screen up, and voila, the camera opens up.

Quick access means that he or she is in a better position to attend to many patients within a limited time frame. No time is wasted trying to figure out how the camera functions or where it can be found.

Presence of the Grid

Turning on the grid will allow each podiatrist to take well-composed pictures. It comprises of two horizontal and vertical lines dividing the screen into three parts.

It is an excellent tool that allows the doctor to apply the rule of thirds with ease. It helps keep the horizon straight when shooting the foot pictures.

Ability to Shoot Pictures in Shutter Mode

Every doctor needs to take more than one picture for comparison purposes. For a foot doctor, it becomes, even more, important to take many pictures, at different angles within a few seconds of having observed it. The burst mode makes this a possibility.

All a doctor has to do is hold the shutter button down when taking a picture. Doing this will automatically activate the burst mode. As a physician, you get to document all the signs present on the foot of your patient. You can also use it record their movements and take note of anything important.

Auto Set Focus and Exposure

Most camera phones tend to take very blurry pictures when the autofocus is not turned on. For podiatrists, blurred images will not be very helpful in helping them document their work. The iPhone helps eliminate this worry.

Its camera is programmed to autofocus once activated. You will therefore not need to worry about taking the wrong pictures, or images that are not clear enough.

As a podiatrist, the iPhone is a must have, not only as a communication gadget, but as a way to document your work, and back up all your files.

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